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This is an intensive Job Abroad master class for Africans. You will learn everything in just 2days (Full day training). The Job Abroad master class is schedule to hold onsite & online and it is powered by Global Leaders Hubs. 

The Job Abroad Masterclass is your chance to learn proven strategies to secure work opportunities outside of Africa! This 2-day intensive training is designed specifically for Africans, with a focus on Nigerians, who want to work abroad but don’t know where to begin.

Date: 13th -15th Aug., 2024 (Nigerians only)

Who can apply

  • Individual from Africa who wish to take charge of their Job abroad Process and don’t want to involve a travel agency
  • The training is design for travel agency who wants or wish to be able to procure Job Abroad for their clients.
  • Travel agency who struggles to get Work Permit in Africa.
  • Travel agency who wishes to start making more money by selling Job and work Permit Abroad.
  • Individual who wishes to become a travel agent or consultant?
  • Travel individual who wishes to work or study abroad, but don’t know how to go about it


What you will learn

Discover the best countries and companies that are actively recruiting talent from Africa
Learn how to create a killer resume and online profile to attract international employers
Get insider tips on the visa application process and legal requirements for working abroad
Participate in mock interviews and negotiations to build your confidence
Connect with a network of like-minded Africans who can support your journey
Learn how to sort for Job from; Canada, U.S.A, U.K, Finland, Austria, Luxemburg, Ireland, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Lithuanian, Norway, Portugal, Sweden & Switzerland, Australia & New Zealand.
You will learn the tactics of Visa and Permit in the above-mentioned Countries

Benefit of Attending the African Job Abroad Master Class

Networking with Industries expert.

Getting answer to all your travel need

Collaboration with other industries leaders.

You will get the chances to publish your name & agency name on the Global leaders Website for International recognition with the recommendation of our company.

Global travel expert Certificate issued by Global Leader Hubs.

Attending this master class will give you the opportunity to attend other GLH International Event.

Active participant recommended by our company will be selected for the Global Travel Expert Summit, Montreal, Canada, in April 2025.

Life time Industry mentorship.


Registration Fee: 150USD/ #225.000

The Fee Includes:

  • Invitation Letter.
  • Training ID card.
  • Training Kits by GLH
  • Global Travel Expert Certificate by GLH. 


This Training will be taking place in Nigeria and other Africa Countries, but this particular page is design for Nigerians. Nevertheless, you can pick the Country and location where you will like to have your own training and you will get Full Information from us in the subsequent email. This training is available on both Onsite and Online.

Online Registration

This Registration mean you wish to take this training visually (Online) 

Registration Fee 125USD (#187,000)

This Fee Include:

  • Online Badge Number
  • Online Training Manuals
  • Global Travel Expert Certificate


Most frequent questions and answers

No, the application fee gateway is design for onetime payment. But you can reach our trusted partners for your registration twice but be sure you have your invitation letter after confirmation of your payment 

If you don’t pay your application fee during the registration, you will get a mail from one of our team to schedule the time for your payment but must not exceed the deadline date.

Yes, all registration and payment close on the 26th of July.

Your participation, sharing of experience and interaction will be observed during this training and our instructor (Excelultima Travel Institute) and will give recommendation.

Yes, general public who wish to start their job abroad process or wish to start their own travel agency can as well join this training.

You might be given an online task to perform as part of your commitment for this training.

The Venue of the training will be communicated to you in subsequent mail based on the location you have selected but bear in mind that the location will always be city center/capital city 

The Training is powered by Global Leaders Hub, But will be delivered by Excelultima Travel Institute Nigeria.